Stage 5 (Salem Century) Results

24 May 2011 7:15 PM | Deleted user
To All interested,

Sunday was Stage 5 of the 2011 Tour De Mad Dog.
The Salem Mad Dog Century.
Ride Report:
  Finally some dry weather for one of the oldest centuries we have. The day started off on a high note with Cake Balls for Ben Merediths Birthday and his,and a few others, first TMD century stage of the year. We had our biggest turnout of the year which was not a big surprise since we finally had warm weather with lower chances of storms. If we got we at least it should be a fairly warm rain. As it turns out we all managed to weave our way through the rain and even saw a few bolts of lightning off in the distance. The day started out mild with the sun drying out most roads by the time we got to them. Seems like the warmer temperature made us ride faster but we may have had a little help in the form of a tailwind.  We started out dodging road construction for the first 8 miles or so and also found out where the buffalo roamed, South Henryville, as we approached our first store stop.
 When we left the first stop it was obvious the Sun was warming us and the air and it started to feel almost like summer. After the climb up Leota hill it started to feel downright hot and the sweat started stinging the eyes. Still this was better than most days have been this touring season. Once we were up the hill it was apparent why we seemed like we were moving fast. We had a few legs south and were greeted by a decent headwind. It made the ride more difficult but the wind also helped cool us down. Along the way we got greeting from various Amish families, Saw half an house(evident form the lack of electrical outlets) and realized a basement was being dug. These people really know how to build. We finally made it into Salem and as usual everybody scatters for lunch.
 Well now what, Time to head back to Henryville. We were treated with more heat head tail and cross wind and I m dropped by my group. On Bloomington trail this rider feels a little free on the bike looks down and notices a loose seat post clamp. Time to fix it and count my lucky stars. While I stop to fix it a few riders that I was at lunch with pass and ask if I need help. I mention that I am fine but they stop for moral support anyway. That's one of the great things about these TMD rides. I get'er tightened down and am back on the way to Henryville. With in a mile. I'm dropped for the second time on this leg of the trip. Finally I make it back to Henryville and there are a lot of riders there.
 Looks like the heat and lack of training are getting to few. Realizing I need either sugar or to cool down I go for one of the the best inventions known to the food industry, Ice Cream. A delicious, King size, Ice cream sandwich to be exact. After a nice rest a bunch of people take off in the span of a couple of minutes. The group never really comes together and eventually split into two groups rolling back to Jeff. The dark clouds start to appear. I start to think "Oh, no Don't rain". But a great thing happens the clouds cool the afternoon heat considerably and I start to think, "Rain might not be so bad". As luck would have it we didn't get wet  but were heading south into a thunderhead that were heading north east. We get as far east and south as our course takes us and to my surprise, no cloudburst. We then head east to the finish narrowly escaping. While on our way east we notice the south headwind we had is now a southwest headwind. Well, you can't win 'em all. We then notice another thunderhead to our north. Finally back to the parking lot and Dry. Seems like mother nature was toying with us most the day. I think there were a few tired dogs at the end of this one. That's evident from some of the team/group names. Brains may have been a little cooked today. Two DNF's today. From what I understand pain was involved, I'm sure T will be back better than before. And, one returned before lunch. Everyone has a a bad day sometimes and It looks like she was not alone today.

Thanks to Steve Montgomery Captaining us on the Ride. I have 37 out of 39 riders listed as finishers.
The Stage Winner was Timothy Steven (Second of the year)and the Bonus was for "TMD Original = 2 min (completed ALL previous TMDs)[defined on]". That bonus is awarded to Tim Chilton, Mike Kamenish, Vicky Dobbs, Ron Dobbs, David King and Jim Moore, and Melissa Hall. If I am wrong let me know.
There is also a 1 minute difficulty bonus for this ride. If you see an (*) by your name I have you listed for the bonus. If you meet the requirements for the bonus let me know and I will adjust your final time.

Here are the Results and finishing groups for the Stage:
104.7 miles
Stage Winner at 5:14:06

Timothy Stephen

Stage Winning Group at 5:15:06  "Team Fix a Flat, The Sequel"
Susan Howell
Melissa Hall *
Steve Rice
Dick Rauh
Steve Montgomery
Ford Barr

Team "Baker's Dozen" at 5:16:06
Steve Maurer
Jody Patterson
Nita Bernat
Carla Dearing
Ted King
Larry Preble
Mike Kamenish *
Mike Jenkins
Steven Dunsford (nm)
Bob Grable
Ted Niemann
Chris Salsman
Dave Combs
Team "4 Big Dawgs" at 5:18:06
Kim Stanton
Kelly McGill
Perry Finley
Tim Chilton *
Team "Birthhay Cake Balls" at 5:18:06
Ben Meredith
Nate Calloway
Steve Meredith
David King *
Team "Random Random 2 Red Tandems" at 5:18:06
Vicki Dobbs *
Allison Dobbs
Ron Dobbs *
Rick Croslin

Team "3 Dawgs" at 5:19:06

Chris Quiry
Matt Tinal
Jason Willis

Team "Campbellsville" at 5:24:06
Jim Moore *
Dave Tank (nm, congrats on first MD Ride)

Teresa Ledbetter
Mike Upsall
No one is on the abandon list for stage 6 but, six people could be on the abandon list for stage 7.
Next Stages
8:00 am – 100/52 mi. #3+. Medora Century, (TMD Stage 6). Clark State Forest, Henryville, Indiana. Only the century route will be swept. The 52 mile ride stays with the 100 mile route until mile 33. RC: Melissa "Puddle" Hall, 752-3973.

8:00 am – 53/97 mi. #4. Green River Century [TMD Stage #7]. A beautiful tour of south-central Kentucky, passing and crossing Green River Lake and on through Taylor, Adair, Casey, and Marion counties. Starts in Campbellsville at C’ville Univ.’s Heilman Student Complex. RC: Jim “Grizzly” Moore,, cell: 270-469-6407, Cancellation due to weather will be announced on the KyCyList; please call if in doubt.

The entry into the 2011 Tour De Mad dog is now closed with 51 riders having the possibility to complete the challenge. Good Luck to all.
The last 10 competitors were added to the mix on stage 5.
This does not mean we do not want new riders. Come out an play, See what its all about.
This is a separate competition that coincides with regular club rides.

 Lots of movement in both divisions Gizmo lost a couple of minutes to Diesel Dog, Timothy is breathing down Ted's neck trying to get the White back.
Jody and Melissa are letting Nita know they're keeping an eye on her and Stormy took the White away from Theresa. Tune in next week for more results.

General Classification

Women's Division

0:00:00 Nita Bernat
0:50:30 Jody Patterson
0:52:00 Melissa Hall
0:54:00 Carla Dearing  *(White Jersey)
0:54:00 Cathy Hill
1:14:46 Teresa Ledbetter *
1:16:38 Janice Theriot
1:18:30 Kim Stanton *
1:19:00 Lisa  Andreasen *
1:24:30 Susan Pyron
1:44:30 Susan Howell
1:45:30 Vicky Dobbs
1:47:30 Allison Dobbs
1:47:30 Kelly McGill *

Men's Division

0:00:00 Larry Preble
0:01:03 Mike Kamenish
0:07:37 Ted King * (White Jersey)
0:25:37 Timothy Stephen *
0:31:37 David R.King
0:53:07 Steve Maurer *
0:55:24 Jason Willis *
0:56:07 Bob Grable
0:56:10 Matt Tinal *
0:56:37 Kirk Roggenkamp
0:58:37 Steve Rice
1:01:37 Chris Quirey
1:01:42 Tim Chilton
1:17:37 Steve Montgomery
1:18:07 Perry Finley
1:21:07 Dick Rauh
1:21:50 Ted Niemann *
1:22:07 Dave Combs
1:22:07 Ford Barr
1:23:07 John Larson *
1:24:07 Rick Croslin
1:24:37 Steve Sexton
1:28:07 John Pyron
1:34:07 Jim Moore
1:44:55 Ron Dobbs
1:46:07 Ed Gootee
1:46:07 Wes Warren *
1:47:07 Bruce Heichelbach
1:48:07 Mark Rougeux
1:48:07 Todd Chism *
1:48:09 Steve Meredith
1:48:37 Lynn Roberts
1:48:37 Soren Stig-Melsen *
1:48:41 Nathan Callaway *
1:49:07 Mike Jenkins
1:49:07 Chris Salsman *
1:50:07 Ben Meredith *
1:52:07 Mike Pitt

Hope everybody had a good ride,
Ride Safe,
David R. King
2011 TMD Director


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