Stage 4 (Crestwood Killer) Results

18 May 2011 7:16 PM | Deleted user
To All interested,

Saturday was Stage 4 of the 2011 Tour De Mad Dog.
The Crestwood Killer.

Ride Report:
One tough ride that we generally do in late in the year when we are in better shape and the temps are starting to cool off. We knew we had 7 big hills but the couple of flat stretches on US 42 always get the ol' ticker pumping as well. By my count I felt the pulse in my temple on 3 separate occasions. This is a reminder my pulse is probably above 180.  Ahh, good times!
 The weather was fairly good for the most part. We started off by beating a train and had drizzle, one brief period of light rain, one major hill and mild temperatures to the first store stop in Bedford.
 As we left the store the heavy drizzle started again for about a half a mile then the weather cleared up and I believe the sun came out a couple of times. This section featured 2 major climbs. On the first climb one rider even made it with a broke chain. As we crested the second hill on this section a familiar minivan was still in the field and the Goats were still taking shelter in it while on the opposite side of the street a big hairy dog and a mama pitbull (both unchained) informed us that we were not suppose to go into their yard, or they were yelling for the sun to come out and cook those goats in the van so they could eat lunch. This left one big downhill and a long flat stretch to our lunch stop. As we approached our turn for the big ol' downhill another rider who got off course approached from the other direction and we all proceeded on what can be a delightful downhill. Well as luck would have it our downhill was slowed down by a truck that had got in front of us and slowed us down [:(]. After a nice flat stretch that seemed to go into the headwind forever we ended up at the DQ with a few going to the Subway.
 As we are getting ready to leave 2 familiar riders show up. Now I usually arrive a little late to rides but these two. Guess there in pretty good shape since they caught us.  As we left lunch we immediately start climb #4 of the day out of Milton. Once we get off 421 we have a nice low traffic trip across the ridge down another nice hill. We then travel along the river to pas the power plant,that always makes me sing the Simpsons theme, to Wises Landing.  It so nice and peaceful down here that it lets you start to fear the climb up Gills Ridge road. The only good thing about climbing Gills Ridge is that Bray's orchard, our last stop, is at the top.  Today was a lucky day the store was stocked with Ice Cream. I recommend the Maple Walnut.  Five hills down and after a short stay we are on the road again.
 A brief light rain forces some riders to stop and put on jackets while a few continue. We eventually drop back down towards Westport but before we can get there we gotta climb 1488 to get to our connecter road. Then after the climb we roll along the ridge and another big drop down the roughest road of the day. After an peaceful ride its time for the climb to 42 (again) for climb number seven, The same road we came down that morning. Once at the top of the hill this seemed like a good spot to re gather and a frisbee toss breaks out till we get together our group for our last trip down 42. The hills are taking their toll at this point and I start to hear a complaint about how French Fries for lunch wasn't such a good idea. This hurts me deep to my core and I rebut by saying "Its not the Fries its the course" and the biggest argument I have is that there are 3 who didn't have fries weren't doing any better. We finally leave 42 for the last time and the rollers over us over to remind you how tired your legs are. Everything 's going great, you can smell the barn then all of a sudden with 3 miles to go a quick heavy down pour. Whew, thought that was gonna be bad,little did I know. We finally make it back to 146 for out last mile. Mother nature decides to remind us there was a chance of storms today with a nice heavy downpour and a couple of rumbles of thunder for our last mile back to the lot.  All in all a good day on one of the toughest rides we have.

Thanks to Jody Patterson and Steve Maurer For Captaining us on the Ride. I have 21 riders listed as finishers.
The Stage Winner was Steve Maurer and the Bonus was for "Handlebar bag or Brevet bag". There is also a 2 minute difficulty bonus for this ride. If you see an (*) by your name I have you listed for the bonus. If you meet the requirements for the bonus let me know and I will adjust your final time.
At lunch two riders informed us of a navigation error made by some of the participants. This deviation from the course resulted in a tenth of a mile increase in the overall distance of the ride. Because of this deviation everyone who took the long cut will incur a 30 second penalty as denoted by (^).
Looks like we will have some movement on the podium. Results to come later after I get the bonus adjusted.

Here are the Results and finishing groups for the Stage:
106.4 miles

Stage Winner at 5:19:12

Steve Maurer

Stage Winning Group at 5:20:12  "Jody's Pride"

Jody Patterson
Cathy Hill ^
Timothy Stephen ^
Kirk Roggenkamp ^
Matt Tinal ^
Jason Willis ^

Team "Almost Dry" at 5:21:12

Nita Bernat ^
Carla Dearing ^
Lisa Andreasen ^
Soren Stig-Melsen (?) ^
Ted King ^
Larry Preble ^
Mike Kamenish ^
David King ^ *
Lynn Roberts ^

Team "I can't believe he had a flat in the last 3 miles" at 5:23:12

Melissa Hall ^
Steve Rice ^
Steve Sexton ^
Chris Quiry ^

Team "Solo 110+" at 5:29:12

Timbone Chilton ^
General classification to come later in the week once I have confirmation of bonuses.
Next Stage Sunday 5/22/2011
8:00 am – 106 mi.#3+. Salem Mad Dog Century (TMD Stage #5). Restaurant Row under the 2nd Street Bridge, Jeffersonville, IN. RC: Steve Montgomery 1-502-482-0003.
P.S. The start location has parking issues so look around for people wearing funny tight cloths in the general area.

Also not that the 5th stage is the last Stage to enter the Tour De Mad Dog Challenge.  Mother nature has been toying with up all year and giving us some reasons not to ride. Cold, Rain and Thunder to name  few. In fact I think the only stage where it didn't rain was stage 3 but the roads were probably wet.  I'm not much into praying ,chanting or channeling spirits but I think I will this week. I would suggest all you riders out there try to do the same and hope mother nature turns the water works off this Sunday. At midnight on Friday I plan to make some sacrifices to the Gods. I got some old thin shorts, tore up gloves, old socks and I'm sure I can find an old jersey somewhere, Anyone care to join in?

Hope everybody had a good ride,
Ride Safe,
David R. King
2011 TMD Director


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