Stage 3 (Buckner Riverdance to Carrollton) Results

13 May 2011 7:19 PM | Deleted user
All interested in the TMD,
Tomorrow is stage 4 of the 2011 version of the Tour De Mad Dog--- The Crestwood Killer ---
An aptly named ride that I have heard described as "a fairly flat century plus 7 big hills".
Hopefully we will have good weather for this difficult stage that has an outside DQ as a lunch stop. (There is also a Subway if DQ ain't your thang)
You can get an idea of the ride on Gizmo's website or by clicking the following link:
Our captains for the ride tomorrow, Jody Patterson and Steve Maurer, have gone over the ride and made some corrections
So keep in mind the website may not be fully accurate. Grab a cuesheet at the sign up to be certain.
Also noteworthy is the 7:00 Start time. Our stages generally start at 7:00 or 8:00 and this is our first 7:00 of the year.
Same as in year past the 5th stage is the last stage you can get registered to enter the Tour De Mad Dog Challenge.
Stage 5 will be next Sunday May the 22th "Salem Century". If you haven't entered the challenge this year, barring cancellations, these will be your last 2 stages to do so.
Seems like the weather might have kept some people away for stage 3 and because of that there has been some movement in the Standings
and now for the stage 3 results and the General classification.
Stage 3 "Buckner Riverdance to Carrollton"
The Bonus was for Clysdales and Athenas. According to my records I have no one finishing the stage that qualifies if I need to make a correction let me know.
Stage Winner 4:59:06
Dave Combs
Stage Winner group-"Dirty Dozen" 5:00:06
Nita Bernat
Teresa Ledbetter
John Larson
Mark Rougeaux
Mike Kamenish
Todd Chism
Ford Barr
Bob Grable
Ted King
Larry Preble
Lise (?)

Solo -"Cloudy Day" 5:09:06
Perry Finley
Janice Theriot
General classifications

Women's Division

0:00:00 Nita Bernat
0:21:16 Teresa Ledbetter
0:23:08 Janice Theriot
0:27:00 Cathy Hill
0:31:00 Susan Pyron
0:48:00 Kim Stanton
0:50:00 Melissa Hall
0:51:00 Carla Dearing
0:51:00 Jody Patterson
0:51:00 Lise

Men's Division

0:00:00 Larry Preble
0:03:03 Mike Kamenish
0:05:37 Ted King
0:28:37 Timothy Stephen
0:28:37 Bob Grable
0:30:37 Kirk Roggenkamp
0:30:37 John Larson
0:31:37 David R.King
0:35:37 John Pyron
0:48:37 Perry Finley
0:51:07 Steve Montgomery
0:51:24 Jason Willis
0:51:42 Tim Chilton
0:52:10 Matt Tinal
0:53:37 Ed Gootee
0:53:37 Wes Warren
0:54:20 Ted Niemann
0:54:37 Dick Rauh
0:54:37 Rick Croslin
0:54:37 Bruce Heichelbach
0:54:37 Chris Quirey
0:54:37 Dave Combs
0:55:37 Steve Sexton
0:55:37 Steve Maurer
0:55:37 Steve Rice
0:55:37 Mark Rougeaux
0:55:37 Todd Chism
0:55:37 Ford Barr
0:59:37 Mike Pitt
1:00:37 Jim Moore
1:17:25 Ron Dobbs
1:18:39 Steve Meridith
1:19:11 Nathan Callaway
1:19:23 Mike Upsall
1:20:37 Ben Meridith

We had some changes in both divisions. Larry held on to the Men's Yellow Jersey while Nita Bernat took the Women's Yellow jersey. (Video review is still pending since the Fall of the Current yellow jersey, just kidding)
Theresa held on to her White jersey while Ted ,guess a broke derailler isn't gonna stop him, King took away the men's.
Congratulations to the jersey holders. There has been a lot of movement this year. Guess we'll se what happens tomorrow on the course.

Ride Safe,
David R. King
2011 Tour De Mad Dog Director


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