Stage 12 Short Frankfort Century Results

27 Jul 2011 7:33 AM | David R King (Administrator)

Saturday was Stage 12 of the 2011 Tour De Mad Dog.
The Short Frankfort Century. 
Fictional Ride Report:
We have reached stage 12 of the tour "Short Frankfort Century". We will be traveling from Louisville to Frankfort on our shortest stage of this year’s tour. The distance will be 91.7 miles and this distance will be similar to traveling from Toulouse to Pontacq.  This will definitely be a moderate hill stage with 2 category 2 climbs, 2 Category 3 climbs and 1 category 4 climb. One of the 3's and both 2's will happen before the feed zone. The feed zone will be at the top of that 2nd category 2 climb.
  We start off this morning with a warm up through Fisherville onto 146. The race director pulls in the while flag and the race is on. Immediately there is a breakaway from Team  "12 Rebels and a Preble"  It looks as if Team "Owner of a Lonely heart" has seen enough and decided to stretch the elastic. While on 146 we cross make our way to the District of Finchville, The region know for its open skies and agricultural maintenance. As we continue we make our way to the Plateau du Southville our first categorized climb of the day. There is a rider attacking the breakaway and it is "Anchor Dog" taking the Category 3 climb. The breakaway has reforms for its trip into the Waddy District for today’s sprint points on the course. This sprint sets up well for the sprinter that has climbing ability as well and there is challenge for the sprint points. We will have to check with the officials but it looks as if stEve has just barely overtaken sTeve. Its official Steve has the points.  
  Now for the section of todays race where the road goes up. We continue through Grafenburg and head towards the Category 2 climb up the col du Choatville. The breakaway is still at the head of the race but can the rider from team "Owner of a lonely heart" catch them. Young Ted N looks back at the rider and increases the pressure. But wait. Ford B takes this as an opportunity to put in an attack and is proceeding to drop the breakaway. Ford is first over the climb but this will make the next climb very interesting. After a long decent toward Buffalo Trace distilleries and navigating the District of Frankfort the breakaway has come together and increased by one. Some of the riders would have probably liked to stop by the Distillery but not today, there is to much work to be done. We hit the last Category 2 climb of the day, Qdoba Hill. The riders will be hungry as the feed zone is atop the climb but who is the hungriest. Everyone is looking around to see who will make the first move and le Lapin from team "owner of a Lonely Heart" looks into the eyes of the other riders as to say "Not today mate" and puts in a massive attack. Can no one match this attack? Apparently not, le Lapin goes over the top in first place.    
  After a quick stop in the feed zone the riders are back on route. With a little more than half today’s race complete the next 40k are filled with little pop ups and a couple of categorized hills. The riders are leaving the district of Frankfort for greener pastures. The race exits the District and begins the 4th category climb up Avenstoke. They may not like this climb but once atop the view along the ridge are breathtaking. Just ask members from "Team Weezy".  We have a few ups and downs from here and it on through Harrisonville and on to Pea Ridge. Luckily this is the easier way with a big decent at the end which sets us up for our final categorized climb of the day. The Cat 3 Plateau du Southville. The group has come together and it looks as if the rider at the back of the peleton from "Team Weezy" has taken the point.
   After a stop for refreshments and a few natural breaks the teams head out. This portion isn't the hilliest but there is absolutely no protection from the elements this leg of the race. A refreshing rain would be nice and it appears mother nature has obliged a few riders. Coming close to the end there is some confusion in the peleton and half the group has went the wrong way around the roundabout. We'll have to see if the race director has anything to say about this but it now appears the peleton has regathered. The teams are lining up their sprinters and team "Go Cuddles" appears to have their line set up for Mule. He looks to the left and team "12 rebels and a Preble" are getting their line in order for Sprinter Sue. The other teams have been washed out and it down to two. This is going to be close but in her superior aero position Susan P has taken the Win.  Congratulations Susan.
 Well what a fitting end to today's race. Can these Boys and Girls be ready after a hot day in the saddle for tomorrow Tour Dupont. I see no way you can stop them.

I have 23 riders listed as finishers.
The Stage Winner was Susan Pyron for her 1st stage win of the year, the Bonus was for and age bonus for riders 60-64 for 2 minutes. That was awarded to one rider. I am not putting an (*) next to their name. Take a guess if you want and ask that person, not me.
There is also a 1 minute difficulty bonus for this ride. If you meet the requirements for the bonus let me know off list and I will adjust your final time or let you know if it was awarded to you.
It was also determined using integration methods approved by the Geneva Convention that there was a Cutting of the course. Using this information a 48 second Penalty will be assessed to the riders with the (^) next to their name.
Here are the Results and finishing groups for the Stage:
91.7 miles
Stage Winner at 4:35:06
  Susan Pyron ^
Stage Winning Group at 4:36:06 Team "12 Rebels and a Preble"

  Cathy Hill ^
  Nita Bernat ^
  Mike Pitt (Reinstatment Pending Gendarme Review) ^
  John Pyron ^
  Larry Preble ^
  Steve Montgomery ^
  Kirk Roggenkamp ^
  Ted Niemann ^
  Wes Warren ^
  Ford Barr ^
  Ted King ^
  Scott E Hoback ^

Group of 6 at 4:37:06 Team "Go Cuddles"  

  Susan Howell
  Melissa Hall
  Mark Rougeux
  Steve Rice
  Steve Sexton
  Chris Quirey

Group of 3 at 4:40:06 Team "Weezy"

  David King
  Jody Patterson (4:37:06)
  Steve Maurer (4:37:06)
Solo Team "Owner of a lonely Heart" at 4:46:06

  Tim Chilton




Entry to this years challenge is closed. This does not mean we do not want new or old  riders. Come out an play, See what its all about.
This is a separate competition that coincides with regular club rides.
Ride Safe,
David King
2011 TMD Director


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