Stage 14 The Urbane

16 Aug 2011 10:43 AM | David R King (Administrator)

More to come but with the power outage time is short.

Thanks to Vic and Ron for hosting the stage.


Stage winner was Rick Croslin.

Stage bonus was for TMd Rookies.

Please check the GC for the upcomming stages abandon list. it is up to date as of Stage 13.


David R. King

2011 TMd Director




  • 01 Sep 2011 1:37 PM | David R King (Administrator)
    Saturday August 13th was Stage 14 of the 2011 Tour De Mad Dog.
    The Urbane Century.

    Thanks to Vic and Ron for hosting the stage.

    I have 33 riders listed as finishers.
    The Stage Winner was Rick Croslin, the Bonus was an age bonus for TMD Rookies for 1 minute. Those Riders have an (*) next to their name.

    Here are the Results and finishing groups for the Stage:
    96.3 miles

    Stage Winner at 4:48:54

    Rick Croslin

    Stage Winning Group at 4:49:54 Team "se laisser vivre"

    Vicky Dobbs
    Jody Patterson
    Bernice McGill
    Ron Dobbs
    Steve Maurer *
    Joe Hitselberger
    David King

    Group of 6 at 4:50:54 Team "Let Sparky Ride"

    Carla Dearing *
    Janice Theriot
    Susan Pyron
    Mike Pitt (Still Abandoned)
    Mike Kamenish
    Steve Sexton
    Jeff White
    John Pyron

    Group of 5 at 4:51:54 Team "Triple Virgin"

    Nita Bernat
    Larry Preble
    Ted King *
    Nathan Callaway*
    Marion Hambrick (First Mad Dog Century)
    Jeff Markwell (non-lbc member)
    Owen Huston (First Mad Dog Century) (non-lbc member)
    Thomas Goff (First Mad Dog Century) (non-lbc member)

    Group of 5 at 4:51:54 Team "Storm Tracker"

    Kelly McGill*
    Perry Finley
    Matt Tinal*
    Jason Willis*
    Ray Matthews

    Group of 2 at 4:54:54 Team "Good Company"

    Dave Combs
    Lise Andreasen*

    Solo Team "SWM seeks SF who likes fat guys in Spandex" at 4:59:54

    Timothy Stephen*

    Solo Team "The 7th solo Son" at 4:59:54

    Ford Barr

    Solo Team "Team Ridley" at 4:59:54

    Wes Warren*


    Entry to this years challenge is closed. This does not mean we do not want new or old riders. Come out an play, See what its all about.
    This is a separate competition that coincides with regular club rides.

    Ride Safe,
    David King
    2011 TMD Director
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