Stage 17 "Salvisa Century" Results

09 Sep 2011 3:57 PM | David R King (Administrator)

The Salvisa Century. 

Thanks to Mike Kamenish for hosting the stage and for Cathy Hilly and Kirk Roggenkamp for the heat assist.

Fictional Ride Report:

Over three quarters of the Way done with this years Tour De Mad Dog and Temps are still rising. Let’s start with one word, Hot. Notice humidity was not mentioned. We finally get temps alone over 100 degrees for our first Stage this year. This days Stage is very popular and gets pulled out of the closet every year at the same time. We get to travel some unfamiliar roads. We start in Taylorsville and move through the Familiar town of

Mt. Edenbefore arriving at the Feed zone in Salvisa. Once we leave Salvisa we head through the little town of Chaplinwhere legend has it they use to be without an indoor powder room. Once we leave Chaplin we head back to Taylorsvillebut not before riding the SR Memorial Highway. Everybody is excited today. Some for the fun route, some for Diesel Dogs B-day, some because there are some familiar and rarely seen faces(Gnarly and Clay) and some because there is a DQ within site of the parking lot,etc,etc. The ride is off to a quick start because the first hill, a category 2 climbs is about 4 miles into the ride. Lapin and BamBam take off, a small ripple in the road propels BamBam, Le Lapin counters but it is not going to be enough and BamBam takes the points. From here we drop down again before climbing out and going through the now unmarked town of Little Mount. A breakaway has formed I looks like members from Team "Deadbeats" and Team "Living on the Edge" are forming an alliance trying to breakaway from the pack. In the mix are our current Yellow Jerseys and one of our White Jerseys. Down the Hill out of Little Mount and along the creek to our second hill a Cat 3. A hard left and the road pitches towards the sky. Not to be out done one of our 4 legged friends decides to help by motivating us up the hill. Stormy takes this an opportunity to Stretch the Elastic and distance herself from the canine. Leaving a trail of dust no one seems to be able to catch here as she arrives at the top of the hill first. The rest of the group regroups and chases her down before the first sprint points of the day in the town of Mount Eden. There is confusion in the pack, Le Lapin boxes in BamBam. Gizmo sees the action and jumps. Le Lapin counters and takes the points in a most unusual sprint. At the start of the ride riders were informed of the doom of the feed zone in Mt. Edenbut are pleasantly surprised to notice that it has now reopened. The lead pack decides to forgo the stop and continue. A group of riders from Teams "Overheaters" and "Deadbeats" decide to check it out. The race continues and hits some more rollers with the same breakaway in the lead. Temps are still relatively cool and this helps when we reach out next climb of the day up to the Corinthchurch. Riders are neutral as we reach the summit. Probably saving some energy for the Heat that is due to arrive. Most of the lead group stops for a nature break as Teams "Double Vision" and "Heatstroke" approach. Around a few curves and whats this I see. a "No Dying" sign and it appears to have the tours mascot on it. Chilly Dog and Anchor Dog have set up an unofficial feedzone to help our competitors along the way. Many thanks are exchanged and calories consumed by the plethora of delicious snack choices available. Most riders stop for a chat and all but team "Bboy" seem to be present. Team "Heatstroke" and team "Doublevision" sneak away and move out down the road towards the official feedzone. After some rollers they decend down to the famous Four Roses Distillery, Regretfully no production is in the works but the vision is still lovely. The lead three continue into the District of Mercer on there way to the sprint point on the outskirts of the Salvisa feedzone. It looks as if team "Double Vision" is setting up for a run on Jason W from "Heatstroke". Yes Gnarly is locked on Meat's wheel. They catch Jason W and Gnarly slingshots past taking the point. After the fine meal in Salvisa the riders are off on an fairly strait, fairly flat, very sunny ridge road. A treat for the riders since this is the only ride where we get to ride on this road. The race continues now down a tricky decent. Looks like Bandit is taking the lead. WHoa! Look out for the little girls in the green and yellow tutu and high-tops. That’s one fan who almost got a little to close to the action. This section after the lunch stop is starting to affect the riders. It looks as if most are running low on liquids. With hopes for water at Mt. Olivet. On the approach we find the riders slowing down where it appears the road had melted and grabbed onto their tires. As bad luck would have it there is no water at the church so the riders continue with a store within five miles. Riders from team "Deadbeats" take advantage of this unscheduled stop and are back on the road. As they climb back up the Col du Chaplin they approach riders from "The Overheaters". Fresh legs seem to be working better but Steve M and a few others will not be deterred from stretching the elastic for the points at the top of the Col. I looks like, it is Kim S coming out of the pack to take the points. The riders roll through Chaplin and down Ashes Creek. Mixed feelings are abound as the riders know this shady downhill will turn into a shaded uphill then a series of unshaded long rollers. The riders reach 53 for a fast paced prefinishing stretch where the riders have fun mingling in with the locals auto carriages. Most riders are happy when the see the turn off on 2239 (aka SR Memorial Highway) that takes them past the dam at Lake Taylorville. The riders are getting tired as the approach the last turn to a downhill finishing stretch. The Pack has regrouped and it looks as if the trains are getting in line for the sprinters. The "Overheaters" are setting up for Janice T, The "Deadbeats" are setting up for Puddle, "Double Vision" is setting up for Meat, "Heatstoke" is out of position, "Living on the Edge" is setting up for Nita B and Team "BBoy" is setting up for Diesel Dog but it appears they have left a few of their teammates to retire from today’s finish. This group finish was not anticipated but the fans will be happy. Two teams are using numbers to their advantage and delivering their hopefuls to the line. It looks like a two person race between Puddle and Janice T. Puddle finds another gear and takes the prize. Time for a DQ. I hope everyone had a good ride and has a good ice cream. We'll see you next at the King of the Mad Dog Mountain. Bye.            



I have 23 riders listed as finishers.



The Stage Winner was Melissa Hall. Fresh back From Paris this Lady turned up the heat to lead the Field to the DQ at the end. Their was a 1 minute difficulty bonus for this stage. There was a drawn bonus for Backpacks (Bob?) for 2 minutes. If you qualify please let me know off list I think I saw 2 people with back pack but please let me know off list.

Here are the Results and finishing groups for the Stage:

97.7 miles


Stage Winner at 4:53:06


  Melissa Hall


Stage Winning Group at 4:54:06 Team "The Deadbeats"

  Susan Howell

  Steve Rice

  Bill Pustow

  Mark Rougeux

  John Larson 

  David King

Group of 6 at 4:55:06 Team "Overheaters"  

  Kim Stanton

  Janice Theriot

  Wes Warren

  Stephen Dunsford

  Steve Montgomery

  Bob Grable

Group of 5 at 4:56:06 "Living on the Edge"

  Nita Bernat

  Carla Dearing

  Larry Preble

  Bruce Heichelbach

  Tim Chilton


Group of 2 at 5:00:06 Team "Double Vision"

  Steve Royse

  Steve Meredith

Group of 2 at 5:00:06 Team "Bboy"

  Nathan Callaway

  Mike Kamenish (Sweeper Rule 4:55:06)


Solo at 5:03:06 Team "Heatstroke"


  Jason Willis


  Ted King

  Clay Cralle


Entry to this years challenge is closed. This does not mean we do not want new or old  riders. Come out an play, See what its all about.

This is a separate competition that coincides with regular club rides.





Ride Safe,

David King

2011 TMD Director


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