Stage 18 King/Queen of the Mad Dog Mountain Results

09 Sep 2011 4:23 PM | David R King (Administrator)

To All interested,
Monday September 5th was Stage 18 of the 2011 Tour De Mad Dog.
The King/Queen of the Mad Dog Mountain. 

I would like to thank Bob Grable and Wes Warren for helping with the Start and Finish of the Time Trial.

Fictional Ride Report:
The air is charged with anticipation, No wait that’s ice and wind. In a drastic change of Weather the temps have dropped almost 60 degrees in 2 days. You can't tell this from the crowd as 29 competitors show up to test their climbing legs. And some fans have braved the cool temps themselves in support of the goofballs who want to try this out.
How will it turn out this year? At the last stage there was some talk of who might be this years King and Queen of the Mad Dog Mountain. You can never tell who will show up to these events or what they will be riding. We have one person on a mountain bike and one person on a bike that would give a mule a positive body image just by being pictured with it. Who will improve, who will stay steady,  and who will take a step back? Will there be surprises? Can a rider win one of the illusive stage winner awards?  We will all know in a mile and a half.
The course is straight foreword. Ride up the hill and don't turn. If you don't see Bob G at the top you've made a turn. The first third is fairly flat then Bam! The road goes up for a short section then levels out a few degrees for the next eight tenths of a mile with some nice switchbacks and views. Then we pop back up a degree or two for just a few meters then see the finish an sprint for it as fast as you can. Someone once told me that if you don't feel like you are going to be sick you haven't pushed hard enough. Let’s see if the century on Saturday had any affect on the competitors.
Without any further ado here are the results. Thanks to everyone that came out.

I have 29 riders listed as finishers.
The Stage Winners were Trevor Miller(out of town friend of Jeff V's) and Nita Bernat.


Here are the Results for the Stage:
1.5 miles
Position Name     Actual Time 
1   Nita Bernat   09:36.0 
2   Kelly McGill*  09:58.0 
3   Kim Stanton*  10:47.0 
4   Lise  Andreasen*  11:16.0 
5   Carla Dearing*  11:36.0 
6   Jody Patterson  11:46.0 
7   Susan Howell  12:10.0 
8   Cathy Hill   12:54.0 

Position Name     Actual Time 
1   Trevor Miller(NM) 06:51.0 
2   David R.King  07:48.0 
3   Mike Kamenish  07:53.0 
4   Steve Montgomery 08:05.0 
5   Matt Tinal*   08:24.0 
6   Nathan Callaway* 08:45.0 
7   Dean Brooks   08:46.0 
8   John Larson   09:13.0 
9   Perry Finley  09:19.0 
10   Jeff Vinniard  09:34.0 
11   Larry Preble  09:36.0 
12   Bruce Heichelbach 10:01.0 
13   Dave Combs   10:03.0 
14   Stephen Dunsford* 10:04.0 
15   Mike Jenkins  10:41.0 
16   Steve Rice   10:55.0 
17   Timothy Stephen* 11:19.0 
18   Kirk Roggenkamp 11:26.0 
19   Steve Maurer*  11:46.0 
20   Ted King*   12:59.0 
21   Steve Meredith  13:22.0 


Entry to this years challenge is closed. This does not mean we do not want new or old  riders. Come out an play, See what its all about.
This is a separate competition that coincides with regular club rides.
Ride Safe,
David King
2011 TMD Director



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