groups larger than 12?

02 Mar 2012 1:27 PM | David R King (Administrator)

What to do?

1. If 12 comes up make the bonus for groups of 12 or more?

2. Groups of 6 or greater than 12 have no chance for the 7 second bonus?

3. Bring extra dice so we can roll into the numbers greater than 12?

4. Other?

You guys help me decide what are we going to do? But this needs to be decided before 3-4-12.

If I don't hear anything I'm leaning towards option 1.


  • 02 Mar 2012 1:55 PM | Deleted user
    Option number 1 is probably the most fair...on the other hand you could draw straws to vote excess people out of the group to get it to 12.
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    • 02 Mar 2012 2:22 PM | David R King (Administrator)
      Ilike your answer but youer other hand would be taken care of by the rule
      L. Manipulation of the group riding system will be considered bad sportsmanship and is subject to sanction - even disqualification from the TMD Challenge. The Tour Director will implement methodologies as necessary to prevent unsportsmanlike behavior. Actions like attacking at the end with the intent of dropping one or more group members will not be acceptable. Similarly, riding solo off the front and waiting at the end to finish with a group will be considered manipulation of the system and may be subject to sanction.
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    • 02 Mar 2012 2:31 PM | Janice Theriot
      We need to stick with one die; two would complicate things with differing odds.
      I think one is fair but also we should say a group of 6 gets a bonus if one is rolled. That way the only folks not having a chance at a bonus would be a group of less than six.
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  • 02 Mar 2012 2:56 PM | Mark Rougeux
    What is the purpose? To encourage larger groups? If so, then only a bonus for groups of 7 or larger gives the proper motivation. How often do you have more than one group of 12+ on a stage? My guess is very rarely. So your option #1 makes sense. The key is to make sure no group larger than 6 is excluded right? The worst that can happen under option #1 is that multiple groups receive bonuses. Thanks for mixing things up and keeping them interesting Dave.
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    • 02 Mar 2012 4:11 PM | Steven Rice
      Option 1 is the most straightforward.
      This does move the minimum desired group size from 6 to 7.

      Are you adding anything about waiting for a group a few hundred feet from the end?
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  • 04 Mar 2012 7:14 AM | David R King (Administrator)
    Thanks for the input.
    It looks like option 1 is what we are going to try this year.
    Mark, there has been many times we have had groups larger than 12. I don't remember many from last year but it does happen.
    Janice, I thought about this as well but since a group of six should be the norm I figured the bonus was not deemee appropriate.
    Steve, in the Rules as per Section VIII rule L. the groups waiting at the end is taken care of. That rule is stated in its entirety in my earlier response to Timothy. The problem has always been proving bad sportsmanship. I will try to do a better job of preventing this.
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