2012 TMD Prologue

07 Mar 2012 9:57 AM | David R King (Administrator)

To All Interested,                                 

Here are the results of The 2012 Tour De Mad Dog Prologue.


I would like to thank all who came out for this short ride to test their early march legs. This year was a little bit warmer than last year and we got the treat of flurries to start off the day. I was shocked when I pulled into the Parking lot and saw so many riders. I even passed on up on the road who was riding to the start.


I would like to thank Nita Bernat, Sandra Hubbard and Mac Hubbard for helping me line everybody up and keep the time. This task was a little easier this year (Missed you Sparky, sort of).                                


Although it was a bit warmer is was a bit more difficult. The first half was nice with a big tailwind and overalll decline for the first half. But since this was an out and back we had to face inclines and headwind which really made a difference.

With the weather, I was surprised we had 23 riders show up. A slight increase over last year and we had some new and young faces along with some of the usual suspects and some we have not seen in a while.                                  



Well to the Results.


Your Winners were Tim Chilton and Nita Bernat.                                 




Position            Name               Actual Time

1                Nita Bernat                0:18:34

2                Jody Patterson           0:19:20

3                Janice Theriot            0:21:28

4                Kristen Dunlevy         0:21:34

5                Sandra Hubbard        0:23:31

6                Missy Thompson       0:25:59



Position            Name               Actual Time

1                   Tim Chilton         0:17:03
2                   David R King      0:17:39
3                   Thomas Nance     0:17:43
4                  Andrew Thai         0:18:06
5                  Lawrence Preble    0:18:26
6                  Jon Kindig            0:18:28
7                  Ronald Oliver       0:18:30
8                  Steve Montgomery      0:18:38
9                  Mac Hubbard       0:19:00
10                Steve Maurer       0:19:20
11                Nathan Callaway     0:19:33
12                Zachariah Ramsey   0:19:49
13                Mark French        0:21:04
14                Ford Barr             0:21:05
15                Chaz Dunlevy       0:21:07
16                Donald Snow       0:21:19
17                Richard Heckler    0:22:37


Rider entering the Tour from Stage 1 through Stage 5 will be given a default time of one minute greater that the Last person in their division.                        


There will be no need for the Makeup Time trial on 3-18 so we are set to start the Century Stages.                               


Stage 1                                    

Sunday, March 11th                            

8:00 am – 100 miles #3 Dishonest Abe Century [TMD Stage #1] Iroquois Park Amphitheater Parking Lot. A mostly flat out-and-back route from Iroquois Park with one significant climb up Holsclaw Hill going to New Haven, Ky. and the same hill from the other side coming back.  Pace will be geared for riders doing their first century of the year.  Remember to "spring ahead" your clocks one hour to be on time and enjoy the first day of daylight savings time for the year.                           

For further information contact the Ride Captains or look at

http://www.kybikerides.org/ for course details ride# 1702


Stage 2 will be in April


If You notice any inaccuracies please let me know.

Ride Safe,

David King

2012 TMD Director




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    David, Thanks for the summary and results!
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