2012 TMD Stage 1 "Dishonest Abe"

20 Mar 2012 11:45 AM | David R King (Administrator)

<I'd like to thank Cathy and Kirk for keeping the Pack safe in my absence.

Below are the results for the Stage that I have so far. This is largely what Kirk wrote but I have added a few items.>


Here are the results for last Sunday's Dishonest Abe century stage.


Stage winner was Nita Bernat (yes, on her single), so it seems she will

carry the women's Yellow Jersey into the next stage.  Bonus draw was

"standard double gearing" that will earn any eligible riders an additional

two minutes off your times listed here.  You can email Dave <(dkmdbambam@aol.com)>

 if you qualified for this bonus.  The roll of the die was a

"three", meaning groups of nine could earn another bonus.  There were no

finishing groups that large.  Dave, I threw some old chicken bones and a

voodoo doll in the Mad Dog box to go with the die for the next stage.  <Kirk,

I just hope those weren't the lucky chicken bones you carry with you on rides.>


<As of Now I have Tim, Janice, Jeff W., Perry and the Pyrons for the standard double bonus. I need to hear from anyone else eligible as soon as you can. Nita has informed me that she has given the 10 second penalty to David R. King.

There is other information I may need from you as well, for bonuses. I will take care of this as the Tour goes on either by e-mail, in person or over the phone. Those entering at stage 2 will receive the standard 26 minute penalty for not attempting the stage. There will also be some major shuffling of the Leader Boards.>


Stage Winner Group:  "Four Rebels"  time = 4:59:12

Nita Bernat (stage winner time = 4:58:12)

Donald Snow

Lise Andreasen

Ford Barr


"Indiana Dunk'n" time = 5:00:12

Jim Moore

Ted King

Bob Grable

Joe Lobred

Mike Jenkins

Steen Dunsford


"Thanks, Mom!"  time 5:00:12

Nate Calloway

Janice Theriot

Andy Horvay

Kristin Dunlevy

Chaz Dunlevy

Cathy Hill

Kirk Roggenkamp


"Wind Warriors"  time = 5:00:12

Mark Rougeux

Jeff White

Jason W. (?)

Ron Oliver

Steve Meridith

Matt Tinal

Mike Kamenish


"Taint Skeered"  time = 5:05:12

Jason Sieber

Mike Barr


"Fixed and Flat"  time = 5:05:12

Steve Royse

Dick Rauh



Louisville- Gruesome Twosome"  time = 5:05:12

Bryan McClure

Tim Chilton


"Loving the Wind"  time = 5:05:12

John Pyron

Susan Pyron


"Brooks and Done"   time = 5:05:12

John Larson

Dave Combs


"Dynamic Duo"  time = 5:05:12

Sandra Hubbard

Mac Hubbard


"Burning Daylight"  time  = 5:08:12

Perry Finley

Any mistakes with names and results are mine.  Email Dave King with any

corrections and he'll get you fixed right up.  Everybody who rode today is

officially entered in the 2012 Tour de Mad Dog.<If you are an LBC Member.>

I think I counted 37 of us here.  Pretty good turnout for so early in the season.

Next chance to jump in the tour is Sat 4/7 when Steve Rice will captain

the Lawrenceburg Loop century.


Kirk R <David R. King>


  • 22 Mar 2012 3:38 PM | David R King (Administrator)
    Nita has informed me that David R.King shall recive the 10 second penalty.
    This has been updated in the original post.
    Ride Safe,
    David R. King
    2012 TMD Director
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