2012 Stage 2 The lawrenceburg Loop 4-4-12

11 Apr 2012 4:48 PM | David R King (Administrator)

Saturday was Stage 2 of the 2012 Tour De Mad Dog.
The Lawrenceburg Loop.


Ride Report:
One tough ride that we generally do in the earlier months of the year. This day was no different. Well, maybe it was. The warmer than normal temperatures this spring have been a pleasent surprize but the morning started out cool.  The temperatures at the start had people dressing in about every fashion possible. Arm warmers, jackets, vest,leg warmers and tights. Up to the first stop in Baghdad the weather was cool but sunny with light wind, time to shed some cloths. The ride from Baghdad to Lawrenceburg was back to normal; Hills, hills, and more hills. We didn't have the thunderstoms and hail like last year and Big Eddy was open again. Lunch at the DQ seemed necessary and a few sundae's needed to be consummed and some more cloths needed to be shed.  The third Leg from Lawrenceburg to Mt. Eden  seemed quick as usual with a few hills and an quick cautious jaunt down KY 44 but once we got off than road the calm and less traveled roads came back to us. Leaving Mt. Eden we were at the hottest part of the day. The sun remained and a slight chill came back with the low humidity levels.  A left onto Rockbridge and the hills once again came back to remind us the ride was not over yet.
A lot of riders today. Some I haven't seen on a century in a couple of years.A couple of the new riders returning for their second stage in a row got to find out that all centuries are not created equal. Stage one was a flatter ride while stage 2 is on the hillier side. But it appeared that everyone survived and may have learned a thing or two. 


Thanks to Steve Rice For Captaining us on the Ride. I have 39 riders listed as finishers.


The Stage Winner was Susan Howell and the Bonus was for Handlebar bag or Brevet bag. There is also a 2 minute difficulty bonus for this ride.
If you see an (*) by your name I have you listed as having a Handlebar bag or Brevet bag. If I'm wrong and you did not have a Handlebar bag or Brevet bag or I don't have you listed as having a Handlebar bag or Brevet bag let me know SOON and I will correct your time.
The Roll of the die was 6. That means groups of 12 or more will bet a 7 second bonus.
Stage Winner, Susan Howell, has declared that Nita Bernat will be given the 10 second penalty. this will pull her closer to the rest of the women in General Classification.  
Its early and looks like we will have some movement on the podiums. Results to come later after I get the bonus adjusted.


Here are the Results and finishing groups for the Stage:
99.6 miles


Stage Winner, Team "Let the dogs out" at 4:58:48

Susan Howell

Group of 14, Team "Old, Verry Old and New" at 5:00:41

Nita Bernat
Matt Tinal
Mark Rougeaux *
Michael Crawford
Larry Preble
Ronald Oliver
Joe Lobred
Charles Bird
Thomas Nance *
Ford Barr
Randy Davis
Bill Pustow
Lynn Roberts
Paul Battle


Group of 5, Team "Last but not forgotten" at 5:01:48 <5:00:48>

Steve Rice (RC Rule 5:00:48)
Cathy Hill
Kirk Roggenkamp
Ted King
Donald Snow
Nick Yates (NM) <is a Member>

Group of 4, Team "ol' Racers" at 5:02:48

Dave Bennett
Tim Chilton
Bryan McClure
Scott E Hoback
Dave Blackburn (NM)

Group of 3, Team "2 Bikes Make 3" at 5:03:48

Jody Patterson *
Steve Maurer *
David R. King

Group of 2, Team "Puddles and Sparks do mix" at 5:05:48

Melissa Hall
Mike Pitt

Group of 2, Team "Ace and Gary (aka Paducah or bust)" at 5:05:48

Jason Seiber
Mike Barr

Group of 2, Team "Crash Test Dummies" at 5:05:48

Chris Quiry
Jason Willis

Group of 2, Team "Dairy Queen Now" at 5:05:48

Susan Pyron
John Pyron *

Solo, Team "Houston Bound" at 5:08:48

Dave Combs

Solo, Team "pedalin' Machine" at 5:08:48

Steve Royse *

Next Stage Sunday 4/15/2012
8:00 am – 100 mi. #3+. Buckner Riverdance Mad Dog Century, [TMD Stage #3]. Ride start at YMCA in Buckner, Ky. I-71 north to Exit 17, turn left. Go two blocks and turn left again on Quality Place (before the RR tracks). Go down to the end of Quality Place, turn right; please park away from the main building. Map and Cue sheet on www.kybikerides.org, Ride # 6051.

Hope everybody had a good ride,
David R. King
2012 TMD Director







  • 16 May 2012 11:06 AM | David R King (Administrator)
    Nick yates is a club member and he and his groups have been adjusted accordinally.
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