Stage 3 The buckner Riverdance 4-15-12

09 May 2012 6:10 PM | David R King (Administrator)

Saturday was Stage 3 of the 2012 Tour De Mad Dog.
The Buckner River Dance.


Ride Report:
Great ride with some new roads or new portions of roads for most people(I think about 10 miles of new roads for me). This was a substituted stage for flooding reasons last year. The weather was great although windy. We also had some new riders show up to try it out. Congradulations to Connie Hillenbrand for finishing her first Mad Dog Century. and As a reward she will be in the Lead for the White Jersey in the Womens Division.
Thanks to Larry for hosting this Stage once again. I have 46 riders listed as finishers.


The Stage Winner was Steve Meredith and the Bonus was an additional 1 minute bonus for the stage winner. There is also a 1:30 minute difficulty bonus for this ride.
The Roll of the die was 1. That means groups of 7 will get a 7 second bonus.
Stage Winner, Steve Meredith, has ther option of giving a 10 second penalty to whomever he decides. Once I get his decision I will post the result.
Its early and looks like we will have some movement on the podiums.


Here are the Results and finishing groups for the Stage:
99.7 miles

Stage Winner at 4:59:06

Steve Meredith

Stage Winner group Team "Small Group" at 5:00:06

Mike Mullen (NM)

Group of 11, Team "Under the legal Limit" at 5:01:06

Kim Stanton
Bruce Heichelbach
Wes Warren
Steve Montgomery
Bob Grable
Nathan Callaway
Mike Kamenish
Charles Bird*
Joe Lobred
Jeff White
Ted King

Group of 10, Team "Gone with the Wind" at 5:01:06

Nita Bernat
Connie Hillenbrand
Kristin Roggenkamp/Dunlevy
Lise Andreasen
Brooks Hillenbrand
Chaz Dunlevy
Larry Preble
Donald Snow
Richard Heckler
Ford Barr

Group of 5, Team "Twingy" at 5:02:06

Susan Pyron
John Pyron
Bill Pustow
Steve Rice
David King

Group of 3, Team "Charge the Headwind" at 5:04:06

Tim Chilton
Scott E Hoback
Perry Finley

Group of 3, Team "Headwind" at 5:04:06

Ronald Oliver
Randy Davis
Mike Barr

Group of 3, Team "Lucky Rode off from us" at 5:04:06

Mike Pitt
Jim Moore
Stephen Dunsford

Group of 2, Team "WindsOcks" at 5:06:06

Matt Tinal
Jason Willis

Group of 2, Team "Windproof" at 5:06:06

Melissa Hall
John Larson

Group of 2, Team "Fixed" at 5:09:06

Steve Royse
Dave Rudy (NM)

Solo Team "Ice Cream Power" at 5:09:06

Mike Jenkins

Solo Team "Wound out" at 5:09:06

Thomas Nance

Solo Team "Just Shoot Me" at 5:09:06

Chris Quiry

Next Stages 
Saturday, May 12

7:00 am – 100 mi. #4+. Crestwood Killer Century [TMD Stage #4]. Crestwood Station Shopping Center, Crestwood, KY. Ride #700 at This route is well known for its seven major climbs (cumulative gain of > 8,600 ft). But it also offers beautiful vistas, great downhills, and some of the prettiest roads around these parts. If we are really lucky, the goat will be in the minivan again. Don't ask - just come and experience for yourself! Granny-gear not required, but you will want one.

Sunday, May 20

8:00 am – 106 mi.#4. Salem Mad Dog Century (TMD Stage #5). Water Tower Square Office Park just west of the 2nd Street Bridge, Jeffersonville, IN.

Hope everybody had a good ride,
Ride Safe,
David R. King
2012 TMD Director


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