Stage 4 The Crestwood Killer

15 May 2012 3:22 PM | David R King (Administrator)

Saturday was Stage 4 of the 2012 Tour De Mad Dog.

The Crestwood Killer.


Ride Report:


One of the toughest Mad Dog Centuries returned once again this year and it was again the 4th stage of the tour. The Crestwood Killer once again showed how it got its name. This is considered a mountain stage but it also has is fair share of flat roads where you can really crank up the pace. I have heard someone say "It' like riding the Medora century but adding 7 big hills". The hills are spaced out as well as they could be 1 before the first stop, 2 before the lunch stop, 2 before the 3rd stop and 2 before the finish. The kicker is the last 7 miles where there are no major hills but the only flat part is the last mile. While the course itself is a big challenge the weather this year turned out pretty good again. It was cool in the morning but after the second major climb it was comfortable. The predicted, mostly cloudy day, turned out to be partly sunny with mild temps and low humidity. Groups finished over a large span of time and the last group even flirted with the time cutoff. This is the first time I remember that happening since 2005 on the Old Salem century when most rider got caught by a huge thunderstorm only 6 miles from the finish. Luckily everyone made it in on time, even the rider who showed up 30 minutes late. Congratulations to everyone who finished. After a little recovery you should have some good hill climbing legs for at least a few months. Keep up that fitness level and the rest of the riding season should be a little easier.

Thanks to Jody and Steve for hosting this Stage again this year.




The Stage Winner was newcomer Charles Bird and the draw bonus was an additional minute for 40-49 year olds. If you qualify for this bonus let me know by Thursday at 2:43 PM and I will credit it to your time. There is also a 2:00 minute difficulty bonus for this ride. The Roll of the die was 6. That means groups of 12 or more will get a 7 second bonus of which there was none. Stage Winner, Charles Bird, has the option of giving a 10 second penalty to whomever he decides. Charles please contact me off list on what you decide. Once I get his decision I will post the result.

Once again we will have some movement on the podiums, but both Yellow jerseys are safe.



Here are the Results and finishing groups for the Stage:

I have 21 riders listed as finishers.

106.4 miles


Stage Winner at 5:19:12


Charles Bird


Stage Winner group Team "Bird Brains" at 5:20:12


Ted King

Robin Remas


Group of 7, Team "7 Ain't Enough" at 5:21:12


Nita Bernat

Carla Dearing

Lynn Roberts

Larry Preble

Ford Barr

Eric Shultz

David R. King


Group of 5, Team "Attack and Dismount" at 5:22:12


Liz Cull (Completed 1st Md Stage )

Jody Patterson(RC rule 5:21:12)

Larry Marco (Completed 1st Md Stage )

Ronald Oliver

Steve Maurer(RC rule 5:21:12)


Group of 4, Team "Goat Thieves" at 5:23:12


Melissa Hall

Bill Pustow

Steve Rice

Matt Tinal


Group of 2, Team "Backtracker" at 5:26:12


Julie Lerner

Scott Binzer


Solo  Team "Bonus Miles" at 5:29:12


Steve Royse


Next Stages 


Sunday, May 20

8:00 am – 106 mi.#4.

SalemMad Dog Century (TMD Stage #5). Water Tower Square Office Park just west of the 2nd StreetBridge, Jeffersonville, IN.

Sunday, June 10

8:00 am – 112/63 mi. #4 To Shoals Home of the Jug Rock,[TMD #6] The ride starts in Harrison Co. IN. and will travel through Washington,

Orange, Lawrence, and Martin Co. where Shoals is located. Take I64 west to Greenville Exit, HWY 150 to Palmyra, In. at 4way stop take right, parking at First Harrison Bank on Left.

Hope everybody had a good ride,

Ride Safe,

David R. King

2012 TMD Director


  • 16 May 2012 11:11 AM | David R King (Administrator)
    Age bonus awarded to Jody and Dave K.
    Link  •  Reply
    • 16 May 2012 4:13 PM | David R King (Administrator)
      age bonus awarded to Matt T and Mule Dog
      Link  •  Reply
      • 16 May 2012 4:53 PM | David R King (Administrator)
        Ted King awarded the age bonus and is currently in the lead in the mens division by 3 seconds.
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    • 17 May 2012 2:58 PM | David R King (Administrator)
      Liz Cull gets the age bonus
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