Stage 5 "The Salem Century"

25 May 2012 3:52 PM | David R King (Administrator)

Sunday was Stage 5 of the 2012 Tour De Mad Dog.

The Salem Century.

Ride Report:
I was not there but I can tell you it was Hot! And the day was long for some and short for others.

Thanks to Steve for hosting this Stage again this year.


The Stage Winner was John "The Vaccinator" Larson and the draw bonus was a Bike type= Recumbent for 1 minute. If you qualify for this bonus let me know by Thursday 5-31 at 5:55 PM and I will credit it to your time. There is also a 0:01:30 difficulty bonus for this ride. The Roll of the die was 6. That means groups of 12 or more will get a 7 second bonus of which there was none. Stage Winner, John Larson, has the option of giving a 10 second penalty to whomever he decides. John please contact me off list on what you decide. Once I get his decision I will post the result.

If I missed you on the results let me know off list.

The Stage has been set with 19 Women and 57 Men. How many will complete the Challenge?

Once again we will have some movement on the podiums. GC to be posted next week





Here are the Results and finishing groups for the Stage:

I have 40 riders listed as finishers.

105.7 miles

Stage Winner at 5:17:06

John Larson

Stage Winner group Team "HeatWave" at 5:18:06

Melissa Hall
Mark Rougeux
Scott E Hoback
Tom Keith (NM)
Paul Battle
Ted King

Group of 8, Team "Saltydogs" at 5:19:06

Jody Patterson
Ford Barr
Mike Pitt
Donald Snow *
Jim Moore
Ron Dobbs
Rick Croslin
Mike Kamenish

Group of 6, Team "We Got Birds Too!!" at 5:19:06

Susan Howell
Cathy Hill
Kim Stanton
Wes Warren
Steve Montgomery
Kirk Roggenkamp

Group of 5, Team "Hot and Sweaty" at 5:20:06

Connie Hillenbrand *
Joe Lobred
Brooks Hillenbrand *
Mike Jenkins *
Stephen Dunsford
Paul Rutledge (NM)

Group of 4, Team "Better late than never" at 5:21:06

Mary Ann Heckler *(Completed 1st Md Stage )
Ellen Mackim *(Completed 1st Md Stage )
Richard Heckler *
Charlie Drexler *(Completed 1st Md Stage )

Group of 3 "2 Ugly Men & 1 Podium Girl" at 5:22:06

Julie Lerner
Tim Chilton
Scott Binzer *

Group of 2, Team "Hotter the Better" at 5:24:06

Kelly McGill
Perry Finley

Group of 2, Team "I'm Hurryin' home Ma!" at 5:24:06

Steve Meredith
Matt Tinal

Solo  Team "Cramped & Dangerous" at 5:27:06

Scott Howse

Solo  Team "New to the Crew" at 5:27:06

Eric Graf *(Completed 1st Md Stage )


Next Stages


Sunday, June 10

8:00 am – 112/63 mi. #4 To Shoals Home of the Jug Rock,[TMD #6] The ride starts in Harrison Co. IN. and will travel through Washington,

Orange, Lawrence, and Martin Co. where Shoals is located. Take I64 west to Greenville Exit, HWY 150 to Palmyra, In. at 4way stop take right, parking at First Harrison Bank on Left.

Saturday, June 16

8:00 am – 60/100 mi. #4. Green River Century [TMD Stage #7]. A beautiful tour of south-central Kentucky, around the Green River Lake area and on through Taylor, Adair, Casey, and Marion counties. Starts in Campbellsville at C’ville Univ.’s Heilman Student Complex.

Hope everybody had a good ride,

To Be Abandoned List:

If there riders do not complete Stage 6 They will be considered abandoned:
Andy Horvay
Jason W?*
Mac Hubbard
Dick Rauh
Sandra Hubbard*
Janice Theriot


If there riders do not complete Stage 6 or 7 They will be considered abandoned:
Brian McClure*
Jason Sieber
Dave Combs
Michael Crawford
Nick Yates *
Dave Bennett*


Ride Safe,

David R. King

2012 TMD Director




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