Stage 7 - Green River century

20 Jun 2012 11:37 AM | David R King (Administrator)

Saturday was Stage 7 of the 2012 Tour De Mad Dog.

The Green River Century.


Ride Report:
From Jim Moore:

The Tour de Mad Dog Stage #7 took place down in Campbellsville last
Saturday, with 32 participants. It was a fun/interesting mix of riders,
with six locals, two from Berea, one from the state of Maryland, and the
remaining 23 from the greater Louisville area.

The weather was near perfect: often sunny and warm, but with frequent
patches of cloud cover helping to keep us a little cooler, and a little
welcome rain on some but not all.

"Wow, here's another one. How many of these gorgeous spots do y'all have
around here?" was the type of comment I kept hearing all day. The answer is
"Plenty more." We are very fortunate down here in Central Kentucky to have
a great many lovely places to ride..... if you don't mind a few hills.
Everybody seemed to especially enjoy the 2-mile descent from Raikes Hill --
the highest spot on the route -- through a tunnel of unspoiled woodlands.
Even the climbs -- there were 3 or 4 tough ones plus innumerable easier
ones -- were beautiful (except, maybe, for the place where your legs burned
out and your lungs exploded -- sorry about that).

Special words of thanks are due to Campbellsville University for letting us
leave our cars on campus, and to my wife Nevalyn for coming to the rescue
of a rider with a shredded tire.

Y'all come back soon!


Thanks to Jim Moore for hosting this TMD Stage again. Great infrequently traveled roads.



The Stage Winner was Cathy Hill and the draw bonus was a Single bike for 1 minute(everyone but Steve and Jody get this). There was also a 2 minute difficulty bonus for completing this stage. I will be looking at the club stats for the results. There is also a 0:02:00 difficulty bonus for this ride. The Roll of the die was 5. That means groups of 11 will get a 7 second bonus. Stage Winner, Cathy Hill, has the option of giving a 10 second penalty to whomever she decides. Cathy please contact me off list on what you decide. Once I get her decision I will post the results.

If I missed you on the results let me know off list.

Here are the Results and finishing groups for the Stage:

I have 27 riders listed as finishers.

96.8 miles

Stage Winner at 4:50:24

Cathy Hill

Stage Winner group Team "Captain" at 4:51:24

Robin Reams
Cheryl Brownell
Kirk Roggenkamp
Larry Marco *
Jim Moore
Mike Pitt

Group of 8 Team "You always Remember Your First" at 4:52:24

Kristin Dunlevy
Jody Patterson
Steve Maurer
Ford Barr
Ron Oliver *
Dick Rauh

Group of 3 Team "Ridge Toppers" at 4:55:24

Matt Tinal
Steve Meredith
Jason Willis

Group of 3 Team "It IS a Race" at 4:55:24

Carla Dearing
Mike Kamenish 
Steve Montgomery

Group of 2 "Fools in the Rain" at 4:57:24

Joe Lobred
David R. King

Group of 2 "Great Day" at 4:57:24

Susan Pyron
John Pyron

Group of 2 "Yahoo" at 4:57:24

Ronnie Gray
Eric Graf *

Group of 2 "Yahoo" at 4:57:24

John Larson
Dave Combs



Michael Crawford
Nick Yates *
Dave Bennett*
Brian McClure

Ride Safe,

David R. King

2012 TMD Director



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