2020 Brevet Series Routes 


The 2020 brevet series consists of 4 routes which all start and end in Shelbyville, KY.  The longer routes build upon the shorter routes.

     Registered riders will receive links to the cue sheets and RidewithGPS links through the e-mail in which they register.  Please print the cue sheet.   The RidewithGPS files are provided for reference only.  These may or may not route correctly on your GPS depending on your model and routing preferences.  Please take the time to create your own GPS routes if you are going to rely solely on your GPS for routing.  Any usage of these files are at the risk of the user.  No allowances will be made for off route excursions.

     Also, the RidewithGPS file and cuesheet MAY be include below, Dates of the last update will be stated if included with each link.  Please check back as the date of each brevet approaches in order to determine if changes have been made. Ghange will also be e-mailed

      Cue sheets and RidewithGPS files to be e-mailed to registered riders.

WARNING:  Use the RidewithGPS files at your own risk.  If the included file takes you off course you will not be allowed any extra time to make up the extra miles.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the course and please use the GPS files as another tool for navigation.  Cue sheets will be provided.  

200K Route:   
The 200K will have controls at Lawrenceburg (out and back) as well as Harrodsburg (turn around) .    
RidewithGPS file - sent to registrants
Cue Sheet - available at start

300K Route:   

The 300K will have controls at Lawrenceburg (out and back), Harrodsburg (out and back) as well as Stanford (turn around).    There is a steel bridge and a Closed bridge to navigate. As always in Kentucky be vigilant of Dogs, crazy animals and little or no shoulders on roads.(we are kind of know for that) 
RidewithGPS file - sent to registrants 
Cue Sheet - available at start
400K Route:   
The 400K will have controls at Harrodsburg (out and back), Stanford (out and back) and New Liberty (turnaround).  


RidewithGPS file- sent to regisstraints
Cue Sheet
600K Route:   
The 600K will use the same route as the 400K for the first section and then return to Shelbyville for an additional 200K.  That 200k will be a rout to Perryville and back.
Day 1 RidewithGPS file 
Day 2 RidewithGPS file
Cue Sheet


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