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stage 17 and 18 results

07 Sep 2015 7:06 PM | John Pyron

The stage 17 results are at the bottom of this e-mail.  Their were a couple of folks not on the finisher sheet.

Stage 18 (Green River)

Bonus: Age under 24

Stage Winner: Sara Collins (4:49)

Stage Winning Group “5 Guys…+ Sara” (4:50)

Jonathan Lichtsteiner

Tony Darnell

Steve Rice

Bob Grable

Steven Dunsford

Nothins Commin To Me (4:52)

Thomas Nance

Raney Self

Lise Andreason

Ron Oliver

Amelia Dauer

Sol Finisher (4:51)

Jim Moore (rc)


Stage 17 (hot sink or swim)

Bonus: Triple 1 minute

Stage Winner: Thomas Nance 4:59

Stage Winning Team (5:00)

Tim Chilton

Kevin Williams

Art Kesler

Rainy Puddle Slow Drw Drops (5:01)

Mike Crawford

Melissa Hall

John Murner

Tony Darnell

Paul Battle

Angie Fredell – bonus

Mike Fredell – bonus

Raney Self –bonus

Amelia Dauer

Wet Wild and Wheezy (5:01)

Steve Maurer - bonus

Jody Patterson - bonus

Jonathan Lichtsteiner

Missy Thompson

Nita Bernat – bonus

Larry Preble - bonus

Team of 6 (5:01)

Tim McConnell

Bekki Livingston

Vince Livingston

Joan Wood

Ron Oliver

Mike Kaufman

Team of 9 (5:01)

Bob Grable – bonus

Steven Dunsford – bonus

Mike Jenkins – bonus

Wes Warren

Kim Stanton

Timothy Stephen

Jeff White

Lise Andreason

Soren Stig-Nielsen

Steve Montgomery

Team of two (5:06)

David King

Gail Blevins

Solo Finisher (5:09)

Dustin Tinnell

Mike Kamenish

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