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1/28/17 - Saturday - Stage 1 of 2017 TMD

26 Jan 2017 9:49 PM | Thomas Nance
Looks like the weather may let us get the first stage of the 2017 Mad Dog season in. Saturday looks to be the better choice for the weekend.

This is the official route for the Urbane Century 2017 - note it is a slightly revised route from past years. I will have cue sheets available at the ride sign in and the ride will be swept.

The ride starts and ends at: EP Tom Sawyer Park - 3000 Freys Hill Rd, Louisville, KY 40241

8:00 am ride which means wheels will roll at 8:15 am. Please be prepared to ride 100 miles in cold temps. 28 - 29 degrees at the start and only going up to the upper 30's. It will be windy, 13 mph winds, that can make for tough going, twitchy bike handling and adds extra wind chill. 

Check your bike bag, make sure your tubes (note that tubes is plural) are good and that tubes stems are of proper length for your rims - deep rims may not be the best option with the predicted wind anyway. Plan to stay hydrated, I try to drink my first bottle during the first 25 or so miles and keep drinking all day. Plan for extra calories, your body burns more fuel trying to stay warm. Got chapstick?

Being out all day riding in colder temps. is very different than a two or three hour ride, the cold creeps in. Chemical warmers can be your friend - they never last as long as the package says they will last. Bring extras. 

Consider your riding speed and timing. Sunset is around 6pm. If you suspect you can't finish the route by 5pm you should have a headlamp and of course a rear blinkey - all good Mad Dogs have a red rear blinkey. This is a flat-ish route, but cumulative vertical gain is around 3000' - so flat by KY standards - but when was the last time you rode a ride with 3000' of vertical.

Have a bail-out option - here is the link for Uber - <- just in case :) :)

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