Derby City Fondo Volunteer Food Prep & Distribution

  • 22 Aug 2020
  • 6:00 AM
  • 23 Aug 2020
  • 8:00 AM
  • Louisville, KY


(depends on selected options)

Base fee:
  • Need 2 Captains and 3 volunteers to sort and stock SAG & food location supplies
  • 1 Captain & 1 Volunteer to assist with deployment of supplies
  • 1 Captain & 1 Volunteer to restock for Sunday food and SAG locations
  • 1 Captain & 1 Volunteer to assist with deployment of supplies
  • 2 Captains & 3 Volunteers for clean up, restorage and donations


Diane Bellafronto, Captain  Diane

    Determine number of meals and SAG stops for tour and the location of each

   Estimate number of riders that will come to each location, as well as the time interval for arrivals.

The time interval is important because it determines the hours of operation for each SAG or other location and then the types of food that may be appropriate for that time of day.

   Create list of foods, beverages & all other supplies required at each location

Other supplies include but are not limited to: tents, tables, table cloths, paper products (including toilet paper & cleaning products for porta potties), coolers for water and gatorade, hoses for water, utensils, cleaning supplies, etc.

   Review existing inventory

   Create list of supplies for each food location or SAG location

   Purchase needed supplies

   Determine how ice will be purchased or delivered to food locations and SAGs

   Deliver supplies to base camp on Friday

   Friday afternoon, supervise assembly of supplies for each food location and/or SAG

   Saturday morning, review checklist with SAG lead and help load food

   Maintain communication with SAG leads to ensure all locations have needed supplies

   As food locations and SAGs close down, SAG leads return supplies to base camp

   Review inventory for Sunda;, shop again if necessary

   Saturday evening, sort supplies for Sunday food locations & SAGs, using checklist and repeat the process

   Wash and sort all reusable items

   Store supplies that can be reused

   Donate leftover perishable food

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We are looking forward to working with you to make the Derby City Fondo a great experience for our guests and volunteers.

Let's Ride!

Virginia Meneghetti

Director, Derby City Fondo


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