• 2018 Mad Dog Series

    Bob Grable, Director

    A core group of regular riders on the Mad Dog Series (TMD) recently met and decided on a new format for TMD going forward.  With this change I volunteered to be the 2018 Tour Director.  Although we enjoyed the old format, the role of Tour Director had become quite a burden with complex rules & scoring system, coordination of materials for scorekeeping, associated communication updates, etc.  Our aim was to keep the century ride format for those of us who enjoy riding long distances over great local courses in a safe setting with riders they enjoy being around.  We decided to change TMD with the following new format –

    • ·         21 century rides.
    • ·         If a rider completes 10 century rides they earn a Mad Dog jersey.
    • ·         A male and female winner will be awarded at year end based on who completes the most TMD centuries.  A drawing will determine the winner if 2 or more folks tie for the most rides..
    • ·         The sign-up sheets will determine who completed the ride.
    • ·         No requirement to ride the first 5 or last 5 centuries to qualify for the Mad Dog jersey.
    • ·         No prologue or time trials.
    • ·         Riders must be century fit and capable of riding a 14 mph pace under normal conditions.
    • ·         Riders who ride slower than 14 mph are welcome to ride.  They must be self supported as the ride captain will not be responsible for sweeping riders who cannot maintain the minimum pace.
    • ·         We will not schedule back-up ride dates on the LBC schedule.  It will be the ride captain’s call to cancel the ride.
    • ·         The OKHT and Horsey Hundred century rides will serve as bonus stages and count towards the ride requirement of 10 to earn a jersey.

    The 2018 season begins in March and will run through October.

What is TMD?  
TMD stands for Tour de Mad Dog.  The TMD Challenge consists of 21 stages,  (95 to 120 miles each) spread out over the course of the touring year, from March through October - ending by the last day of the club touring season. 

Modeled after the famed Tour de France, the Tour de Mad Dog is a Challenge, not a race. Your actual time on the courses will not even matter!  Riders must complete at least 10 stages of the tour to be considered an official TMD Challenge finisher.

The intent and spirit of the TMD Challenge is to foster group riding and Mad Dog camaraderie. 

All serious cyclists know what group riding is about. The TMD Challenge is designed to encourage groups of all abilities to work together to attain a common goal: finishing the stage! With that in mind, all riders should work together with his/her group to gain maximum advantage and maximum reward. 

This unique challenge series is very popular segment of the Louisville Bicycle Club with many of the stages attracting 30 - 40 riders. TMD Century rides are structured along known routes, with published GPS files available and turn-by-turn cue sheets. There are planned store stops, lunch stops and many stages include unique themes or visit notable landmarks and areas.

Interested? There is more information in the rules section. Or contact the TMD Director at: maddog@louisvillebicycleclub.org



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